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Opening a New Office and Expanding the Team!

With so many businesses struggling in the face of everything going on in 2020, Metis Design is truly blessed to be expanding during this time of uncertainty.  We are in the process of opening a new office just off the intersection of Pine Ridge and Tamiami Trail to better serve our clients and to provide a comfortable and creative work space for our expanding design team.  That process has been fun and exciting so far, as it feels a bit like Christmas every day as new equipment and design samples are arriving at the office on a regular basis – all so that we have more tools at our disposal to provide you with truly thoughtful and inspired designs.

Kristin has also added two new designers to her team, a phenomenal young CAD drafter trained right here in Naples at Lorenzo Walker, a highly skilled Landscape Architect who is relocating to Naples from the Pittsburgh area, and an office manager who curses at the office equipment until it functions properly.

Baby On Board – Aurelea Grace Arrived 01/20/18

Hello dear friends of Metis Design! It is with overwhelming joy that I let you know baby Aurelea Grace arrived on January 20th, three weeks early. She couldn’t wait to get here, not even long enough for the doctor to arrive :-). She’s a little sweet pea at 6 lbs. 4 oz. and 17 in. We are excited to ease back into the design life and we have a full baby nursery set up at the office. If you have an appointment with me, all is still a go. Daddy, Luke Ulmer, shares our office and is on standby and excited to be here for us. Also, a special thanks to John Gambrel for holding down the fort at the office and handling everything, everything, everything where needed! “Gracie” and I thank you wholeheartedly for all your well wishes and support!

– Kristin Jeannin, Owner Metis Design

Burgeoning Baby / Burgeoning Business

In early February, or perhaps even sooner, I will become a mom for the third time.  This will be the first baby while I’m heading up our landscape architecture business, Metis Design.  In preparation for this blessed event, I wanted to find some inspirational articles on the many great successes of expecting and new moms who run their own growing businesses. Then, I wanted to share these inspirational women on all of our social media sites as a quick and easy method to demonstrate that modern women are doing this all the time. To acknowledge that successful business women have been doing this for a very long time.  While I know such women and success stories are out there, none of the articles I found were quite right.  I’d like to think this is because women who are fully dedicated to their business and their newborn are so commonplace that few of them thought there was a need to prioritize writing a blog post celebrating their successes. To rejoice in the trials, tribulations, and surprises of pouring their heart, soul and love into the idea that they can help both their business and their human babies grow up to be big, strong, healthy and helpful.  (You might be getting an idea why I couldn’t find just the right article – I guess the topic is a bit specific.)

And so my first stab at blogging in this way is really an attempt to let all my clients know that going forward, it’s business as usual for us.  Don’t get me wrong, I know well that newborns bring their own host of individual needs and surprises, but rest assured, we are taking all the necessary measures to have a solid support team in place to make sure both baby and business thrive.  We have a full-time staff to handle our workload and are hoping to continue adding to the team as our project load grows as well.  We need and appreciate our clients and growth now more than ever!  Please do not hesitate to let us know we are needed for your new project – to make a correction or change – to send you copies of your plans – to meet with you.  We are completely, 100% up to the task at all times and we greatly appreciate your faith in us.

And with that I’ll add some fun, inspiring achievements by pregnant women:

  • In 1998 Alison Hargreaves climbed the north face of the Eiger mountain in the Alps — one of the most famous peaks in the world — at six months pregnant.
  • Major Stephanie Kelsen, an Air National Guard commander, continued to work as a fighter pilot during her pregnancy.
  • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, then a congresswoman, spent 12 hours on the floor of the House of Representatives before going into labor with her second child in 2008, becoming the sixth woman to give birth while serving in Congress.
  • Marissa Mayer announced she was pregnant the same day Yahoo! announced her appointment as CEO.
  • Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended law school while pregnant.
  • Gal Gadot filmed Superwoman while 5 months pregnant.
  • Olympic Gold Medalist Joan Benoit ran the Boston Marathon while 3 months pregnant.
  • 27-year-old Amber Miller ran the Chicago Marathon at 39 weeks pregnant, (with doctor’s clearance) and went into labor before completing the marathon!
  • Serena Williams won her 7th Australian Open while 8 weeks pregnant. 

Past and Current Projects at Metis

Commercial Properties Completed or in process:

Moorings Park Botanical Garden – Naples, FL The Owners wanted to renovate an undesirable, neglected, constructed pond to a lush, tropical, garden amenity for this leading-edge retirement and assisted living resort. Kristin Jeannin led all efforts in Conceptual Design Development, Budget Preparation, Planting Design, Plant Selection, Project Supervision, Grading and Drainage. After the efforts, Moorings Park invited Kristin to speak at the Grand opening event to welcome residents. Areas of the garden include a wide variety within families of plants: a native garden, Croton garden, Tropical Ti Garden, Ginger garden, Fern garden, Bromeliad gardens, all under a canopy of unique and interesting collection of palms and native trees.

Commons “V” Park – Gulf Shore Blvd, Naples, FL Major landscape renovation of a 3 acre private shared high-rise Common Park along the Gulf of Mexico. This design, led by Kristin’s vision allowed the space to become a refined, organized and enjoyable landscape space that incorporated coconut grove feature elements, utilized broad sweeps of beach appropriate color and texture. Underlying issues with standing water were also addressed with the design and implementation of a new drainage system.

Garden of Hope And Courage – Naples, FL 2.5 Acre healing and reflection garden adjacent to the Downtown NCH Hospital campus. Kristin was part of the original Design Development team, and led the design and coordination of many site specific upgrade projects throughout the life and further beautification of the garden. Her responsibilities included renovations to the children’s garden, patio areas, rejuvenating several troubled areas, annual planting selections, as well as placement and coordination of new garden statuary elements.

The Calabria – Mediterra – Naples, FL Streetscape and Tree plan design and implementation, Entry way and Cul-Des-Sac design for High End Coach Home community in the prestigious Mediterra Community. The project challenge was large homes that were out of scale for the space. The solution was an allée of Royal palms to create a defined streetscape and atmosphere for the community that was further enhanced by several flowering trees placed in key open areas. Kristin assisted the community through all stages of the project resulting in greatly increased home values and community enjoyment.

Naples Reserve – Ashton Woods, East Naples/Marco Island, FL Designed 27 differing planting plan and hardscape layouts for all architectural options for this higher end and innovative production home builder. Kristin developed comprehensive installation strategy, coordinated with the builder and landscape contractor. This design created variety and options to keep an individualized feel throughout the community, as well as site specific adaptations to adjust plans for sunlight conditions and lot specific views.

The Aria Condominium – Gulf Shore Blvd, Naples, FL The client needed a unique solution for a challenging landscape problem at the main entry point: deep shade, salt spray, and heavy winds. Kristin produced a design that incorporated the use of pots, decorative stone, and hardy appropriate plantings that is in keeping with the prestige and modern flare of the building interior and exterior architecture. The innovative design has stood up through several years of weather, and remains an elegant entry that compliments the building.

Madrid Club Condominium – Gulf Shore Blvd, Naples, FL Metis Design created a master plan for phasing this 30+ year old property.  The plan emphasizes transforming an underwhelming and aged landscape into a well utilized resort property.  As the project unfolds the residents have voted overwhelmingly to move forward with phase one, adding outdoor seating, grills and patios while  blending the existing architecture with clean and modern enhancements.  The team is currently preparing the construction documents.  Future phases will include a paddle board and kayak storage ramp and dock, a shuffleboard court, additional shade cabanas, community fire pit, renovated pool deck, fishing pier, and simple elegant plantings to unify and soften the luxurious bay front property.

Bridgewater @ Viera– Viera, Florida, Master community housing development, Metis assisted in creating multiple options for entry monument and signage as well as entry planting and community buffer planting.  The design options create classy yet eye-catching signage as well as water features, and trellising.  We also preformed budget comparisons for all buffer options to help the development company determine the best solution for the community. 

Bocaire Country Club –  Boca Raton, FL Streetscape plan, presented community with best cost effective way to unify an aging community with little cohesion.  Introduced and implemented a palm planting plan – taking into account the various site constraints: street lighting, various driveway shapes, existing trees.  The addition of Foxtail palms greatly impacts the street and community experience and is seen community wide as a major improvement.

Broken Sound Club House – Boca Raton, FL Developed planting and schematic hardscape plan to correspond with expansion of Pool deck area, as well as additional parking.  Presented plans to the City of Boca review committee. Calculated impact of tree removals and developed replacement strategies.  Created Before and After renderings to communicate changes to residents and city officials.


Residential Properties Completed or in process:

3303 Gin Lane, Naples, Fl – Port Royal

802 Bentwood Drive Naples, FL- Pelican Bay

205 South Lake Drive Naples, FL (9,100sf under air) – Old Naples

781 Caxamabs Drive, Marco Island, FL (9,500sf under air) – Marco Island Waterfront

1270 Waggle Way, Naples, FL – Bay Colony Golf Estates

750 Sixth Ave North, Naples, FL – Old Naples

266 Central Ave, Naples, FL – Old Naples

610 West Lake Drive, Naples FL – Old Naples

794 South 9th Street, Naples FL – Old Naples

74 Ridge Drive, Naples, FL – Pine Ridge Estates

483 Clifton Court, Marco Island, FL

16982 Cortile Drive, Marco Island, FL

2074 Chapel Hill Dr. Petosky, MI

Marsh Cove Fiddlers Creek, Naples FL – Model Homes Ashton Woods, as well as 5 additional custom homes