List of Services Provided

Metis Landscapes is able to provide the wide range of landscape architecture services that is expected of a top-tier design firm. We are passionate about the design process and take pride in the results we deliver to you. Whether it’s designing your dream yard and pool

The Client Relationship

It all starts with the Client.  Each project and each set of preferences is discussed in detail with the client.  Some clients don’t know precisely what they want, while some are highly experienced and dedicated gardeners.  We are able to communicate options and nuisances with

Mindful and Inspired Design

Every site and project has it’s unique set of conditions and constraints.  We see constraints as design opportunities.  Small odd shaped areas, poor views, wet soils, deep shade, a host of problems can be transformed into useful and attractive spaces with the correct use of

Metis (mā tēs′)

Skilled design through understanding and experiencing one's craft and its local specifics and nuances