Mindful and Inspired Design

Every site and project has it’s unique set of conditions and constraints.  We see constraints as design opportunities.  Small odd shaped areas, poor views, wet soils, deep shade, a host of problems can be transformed into useful and attractive spaces with the correct use of various design tools, knowledge of plant characteristics, and intuitive, out of the box thinking.   Second only to the clients’ desires, we use the site itself to drive and inspire and shape the components of the design.   The landscape is a complex area of design, it grows and changes.  There are variations in availability of plant and building materials. Landscapes are part of our larger environment.  Our mindful solutions take into to account a full pallet of influences including budgets, environmental stewardship, site conditions, client seasonality, light and soil, flow, shape, continuity, balance, use, architectural themes, colors, amenities and views.


Metis (mā tēs′)

Skilled design through understanding and experiencing one's craft and its local specifics and nuances