The Client Relationship

It all starts with the Client.  Each project and each set of preferences is discussed in detail with the client.  Some clients don’t know precisely what they want, while some are highly experienced and dedicated gardeners.  We are able to communicate options and nuisances with all ranges of folks.   We specialize in unique yet low maintenance and landscape spaces, yet we have the knowledge and experience in creating botanical masterpieces.

Client involvement throughout the design process is welcome and encouraged.  In our experience, the clients who give the most interaction, end up being our most satisfied customers.  Perhaps this is due to an increased sense of ownership and appreciation for the most intimate details they see manifested in their landscape.

We are passionate about the design process and ultimately the outcome and we see it as the most enjoyable part of any project.  Our energy and our efforts work to keep all elements of design development fun and engaging.





Metis (mā tēs′)

Skilled design through understanding and experiencing one's craft and its local specifics and nuances